Back Alley Pro Shop Run By Trevor Vlcek

We  have a big selection of bowling balls and equipment to choose from like, Hammer, Track, Radical, Ebonite, etc. 

We can also fit your needs with interchangeable thumb slugs featuring Vise and Turbo.


Balls Purchased elsewhere          -   $35.00

Plug & Redrill                                        -   $35.00

Plug & move Thumb                         -  $10.00

Plug & move Fingers                        -  $12.00

Thumb Slug                                            -  $10.00

Finger inserts                                       -  $4.00    Each 

Bake Ball                                                 -  $10.00

All Balls Purchased Here Drilling Included 

Hours of Operation

 Back Alley Pro Shop will be open by appointment only please email or call 208-965-3656 for appointment 


Thanks and we hope to see you soon

Back Alley Pro Shop

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